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Best Trail Waterproof Running Shoes

What qualifies as a water resistant running shoe?

The average runner doesn't bother with researching his most important running equipment the shoe be it Asics or New Balance 991 the crucial function of a shoe is to protect the athlete's and average Joe's feet. Running on a woodland trail or even in the quiet park situated in the backyard, the importance of keeping your feet comfortable and your jogging performance and experience at it's best you have to make sure you are equipped with the appropriate shoes for the specific occasion.

A pair of waterproof shoes has the function of keeping you dry from the wet forest floor or grass while at the same time letting the humid perspiration  ventilate out of it, basically letting humidity out and not in. The best women's running shoes and men's come from a few very advanced footwear making companies that have patented materials that will do just what we trail lovers desire most. some of the leaders in the waterproof technology are presented here. The Hedgehog GTX XCR made by The North Face is one of my favourites being in the 100$ price range, if you can get the running shoes on sale it's well worth it they offer a good outsole and GORE-TEX.
You can also find great New Balance women's running shoes with the same characteristics but at a 130$ price range.
Asics are mostly made for trail-runners the main factors are that they impart comfort and support with the traction outsole in uneven terrain and on the street the prices vary around 80$.

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7 Vizi Pro, when you see these on somebody you know they really know their gear, the impact reduction is what makes them famous, the only minus is their low water resistance.
Mizuno running shoes offer great stability but barely any water protection due to the wire mesh technology.

The consumer's needs often dictate what you will see on the shelves at a store be it online or at the mall, the important aspect to never forget is that waterproof running shoes might come in a wide variety of brands but their main features are all the same. So choose wisely when you buy the kind of footwear that lasts years, because when well taken care of such as with the right treating agent, the shoe should stay waterproof just as long and you will be able to run in all weather situations be it rain or just the morning dew, your feet will feel the difference and so will you.